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LA-SiGMA Software Distribution

Parquet Multi-Scale Many-Body Package


The parquet code is a massively parallel Fortran 90/95 package that implements an iterative solution of the diagrammatic parquet equations. In this code, the fully irreducible vertex is approximated by the bare interaction, resulting in the so-called parquet approximation. For a given Hubbard model, the code requires as input the hoping integrals, the Coulomb interaction and the temperature. Upon convergence, it produces the self-energy, the one-particle Green's function and the different vertex functions that are essential for the understanding of the underlying physics (superconductivity, magnetism,...). The parquet solver is available at the following link. It includes the source codes, a makefile and a typical input file as well as the corresponding output files.


The code has been tuned for cluster systems supporting MPI and Fortran 90 compilers.


This package contains the source code and sample data.


This code was developed by Shuxiang Yang ( with the assistance of Herbert Fotso (, Jun Liu (, Eduardo D'Azevedo (, Karen Tomko (, Mark Jarrell (, and Thomas Maier (

Downloading and Installation