Research Experiences for High School Students (REHSS)

This REHSS project is a six-week program at Louisiana State University (LSU) where students work collaboratively on a wide variety of computational science projects.

The Louisiana Alliance for Simulation-Guided Materials Application (LA-SiGMA) is a 7-member alliance of universities throughout Louisiana. Members of LA-SiGMA at LSU provide numerous projects for the REHSS student to become familiar with interdisciplinary research, work on cutting edge research in material sciences and computational tools, and get exposed to how international collaborations work.

Each student receives a stipend of $1800, free housing in university dormitories, and up to $400 in travel expenses to and from Baton Rouge.

We invite interested students and their teachers to browse through this site and consider applying for this program.

This REHSS runs concurrently with the REU at LSU. For a description of the possible projects, please check the REU projects page. For the program description, please visit the REU program page.

Important Dates

For more information about this program, please contact Staci Kramer at sckramer -AT- lsu DOT edu