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Mailing Lists
Specific Communication Subscription to these lists will be approved by the list moderators. Any list member can post, but external mails are moderated. Access to the lists' archives is restricted to list members.
To subscribe to any of these mailing lists, please go to, where you should replace mailinglistname with the name of the mailing list you would like to subscribe to, e.g, for the lasigma mailing list, mailinglistname should be replaced by lasigma.
To access the archive of the mailing lists, please go to
lasigma -at-
All those associated with LA-SiGMA are encouraged to subscribe to this mail list.
lasigma-funded -at-
All those funded by LA-SiGMA are encouraged to subscribe to this mail list.
lasigma-pet -at-
Members are the Project Executive Team.
lasigma-eewd -at-
Members are the External Engagement and Workforce Development Committee.
lasigma-dac -at-
Members are the Diversity Advisory Council.
lasigma-pd -at-
Members are the LA-SiGMA postdocs.
lasigma-gs -at-
Members are the LA-SiGMA graduate students.
lasigma-ug -at-
Members are the LA-SiGMA undergraduate students.
lasigma-sci -at-
Members are the Project Science and Cyberinfrastructure Committee.
lasigma-eval -at-
Members are the Project Evaluation and Assessment Committee.
lasigma-ilt -at-
Members are the Industrial Liaison Team.
lasigma-sd1 -at-
Members are the SD1.
lasigma-sd2 -at-
Members are the SD2.
lasigma-sd3 -at-
Members are the SD3.
lasigma-ctci -at-
Members are the CTCI Team.