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LA-SiGMA Software Distribution

Multi-Orbital Iterated Perturbation Theory Package


This package contains code and sample data for generating Green's functions and self-energies of multi-orbital strongly correlated electron systems within dynamical mean field theory. The impurity solver is multi-orbital iterated perturbation theory.


The code has been tuned for cluster systems.


This package contains the source code and sample data.


The basic single-orbital IPT code was developed by N.S. Vidhyadhiraja ( The multi-orbital extension and MPI wrapper for k-summation were done by Nagamalleswararao Dasari ( The optimization and benchmarks were carried out by Dasari, Peng ( and Wasim ( with the assistance of Mark Jarrell (, Juana Moreno ( and N.S. Vidhyadhiraja.

Downloading and Installation