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The LONI Institute was created as a growing, economic development-oriented, academic collaborative, where staff focus on the computational and scientific research essential to solving challenging problems in materials science and biology.

The LI builds on the foundations of Louisiana's Vision 2020 IT initiative, as well as the progress made with LONI.

The LI will provide major scientific and economic benefits in areas important to Louisiana, with five key goals and objectives:

→ Talented Workforce - The LONI Institute will recruit dozens of excellent faculty, staff and students, and train hundreds of others, to catalyze the development of a highly skilled, IT-oriented workforce in Louisiana, which will be crucial for continued economic development in this state.

→ Competitiveness - State research institutions will become significantly more competitive for federal funding, recruitment and retention of the best students, staff and faculty, all of which will help Louisiana attract companies to locate here.

→ Educational System - Education will be transformed, with the computer sciences infused into the curriculum at many levels, in many disciplines.

→ Economic Development - The LONI Institute activities will drive economic development for Louisiana, with the goal of having university-industry cooperative research programs and centers of excellence flourishing in the state within five years.

→ Self-sustaining and Growing LONI Institute - In five years, the partner universities intend for the LI to be self-sustaining and growing, attracting faculty in disciplines beyond the initial focus areas of biology and materials. Future focus areas may include engineering, coastal and environmental science and digital media.