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LI Projects

One of the goals of the LONI Institute (LI) is to foster interdisciplinary and interuniversity research. For this, we would like Louisiana State researchers to propose projects that involve the LI Computational Scientists (CSs).

These computational scientists will help State research groups take advantage of advanced cyberinfrastructure deployed across LONI and the nation. Distributed across the LI participating campuses, these staff are experts in the use of LONI hardware and cyberinfrastructure, including parallel computing, networks, visualization, grids, computational mathematics, and data management.

These projects will be based on applications from all State campuses, with the applicants being encouraged to commit some internal resources, such as access to the PI's LONI allocation and getting students and postdocs involved in the collaboration. The projects will be in computational biology and materials science applications; however, we expect projects from other areas of importance to the State, in disciplines ranging from astrophysics, CFD, coastal science, medicine, engineering, digital arts and humanities, and business. Application teams from all State campuses and all companies will be eligible to apply for LI partnerships to develop applications that make use of LONI hardware and the staff.

To aid in the professional development of the LI CS researchers, it is expected that they will be given opportunities to make a significant intellectual contribution to the formalisms, algorithms, and codes or the analysis and interpretation of results; and therefore, it is expected that the LI CSs will be co-authors on publications resulting from projects in which their time was committed.

Please send your proposals (up to 1 page) requesting time from the LI CSs to, by January 27, 2012. In your proposal, explain what you want to do, about what effort (in FTE-months) you think will be required, and how the project will benefit the LI. At our recent mid term review, the reviewers insisted that the LI computational scientists only support projects with federal or extra-mural funding. So, please include information about external support (granding agencies, grant numbers, funding amounts and duration) in your application. Exceptions will be made for junior or new investigators.

To make these applications easier to evaluate and easier for you to write, the 1-page limit will be strictly enforced. Proposals which exceed one page of text (11pt font) will be returned without review. Applications may include a cover page without an abstract in addition to the one page of text.

The LI scientific committee will review the proposals, rank them according to potential contribution to the LI deliverables, and decide which projects should be supported and at what level. These projects will run from March 1 to June 30, 2012.

Here are the 2009, 2010, and 2011 LI projects our LI CSs were/are part of.