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The LI reaches to infuse CSs deeply into the curriculum across the state, and to work with the BoR, and national organizations to integrate LONI and national resources into the classrooms of all LONI campuses.

The LI will make use of innovative HD video technologies only possible over optical networks like LONI to include students across Louisiana and other universities in the US and abroad. The LI will develop distributed classes (at least 4 per year), in multiple subjects, making them available at campuses across the state. We believe it will change higher education in the State, and become a model for innovative education across the nation.

Partnering with the Council on Competitiveness, with SI Speyrer, the LI will develop programs to involve (LCTC) community colleges in CSs research projects and training, and place students in local industry.

Distance Learning courses offered on a regular basis

If your LI institution is interested in offering these courses to your students, please contact PI Mark Jarrell at jarrellphysics -at- gmail -dot- com.